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CFJ holding is represented by CDI – FRIMCOM – JANISTAV  s.r.o.,  JANISTAV  s.r.o. and SMART SERVIS, s.r.o.

Satisfaction and trust of our customers are our primary objective. We provide our customers with progressive solutions with long-term viability, for optimum price.  The carrier production program of the holding is the construction of production halls, industrial and multifunctional buildings, building reconstructions, steel structure construction, hydroinsulation of flat roofs, metallic jacketing of buildings, metallic cladding of buildings, metallic sandwich systems. We also provide realization of roof skylights, marquises and insulated polycarbonate glazed walls and fire damper system. Our holding provides the complex services in its field and is capable of realizing even the most demanding projects.


CDI – FRIMCOM – JANISTAV has gone through a long and extremely interesting journey from a small company to a company that provides comprehensive construction services in civil engineering. A strengths of the company are the innovative solutions, flexibility, reliability and last but not least planning. To plan a project (from Latin planta, meaning a sketch) means to projects steps towards a successful goal. Do not let your buildings run through a sequence of random procedures – improvisation as the opposite of planning. There is always other option. The ISO management process, having a fair impact on the increase of the level of provided services, is a must for us. The company is the holder of the following certificates for civil engineering: ISO 9001:2015, 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Important activities of the company:

  1. Construction of production halls, industrial and multifunctional buildings
  2. Hydroinsulation of flat roofs
    • Mechanically anchored insulations
    • PVC-P systems
    • Sandwich systems
    • Backfilled loaded roofs
    • Additional thermal insulation of roofs
  3. Building jacketing
    • Composite jackets
    • Sandwich jackets
    • Façade lining
  4. Skylights
    • Skylights with polyacrylate-based glassing
    • Shed windows
    • Windscreens
    • Spotlights
  5. CNC sheet metal bending
    • CNC double bender TwinPro-200, Swiss JORNS make

JANISTAV  s.r.o.

JANISTAV entered the market in 2005. Thanks to its professional and responsible approach to the requests of customers it rose to the level of a quality and reliable partner in civil engineering. Preparation, planning, construction works in the following scope – construction of production halls, industrial and multifunctional buildings, steel structures, joinery and carpentry, landscaping, construction of roadways and parking areas, complete construction of residential and family houses, reconstruction of buildings and flats, offices , construction and reconstruction of hotel complexes, insulation, facade insulation, tiling work, plasterboard, painting and finishing of interiors.  Our main policy is the complexness of an offer and carried out works.  We shall provide you with reconstructions, repairs, revisions, maintenance, design activity, engineering, material supply and quality personnel for your constructions.


After more than 20-year experience in the field of supplies and construction of flat roofs, we decided to form a team of experts dealing with advisory, servicing and maintenance. During an inspection, we shall document the condition of your flat roof, propose an optimal service solution, if necessary, and after a mutual agreement we are able to remedy possible defects under the most favourable conditions on the market. Our priority is your satisfaction and the feeling of assurance your real estate is protected by quality made and reliable roof.

–  We shall examine and assess your roof. –  We shall advise you on maintenance and service
–  We shall document the technical condition –  We shall make thermograms
–  We shall design a solution –  We shall make spark tests
–  We shall remedy defects –  We shall provide a regular check
Satisfied customers
Developed projects

In view of the current development on the construction market, a significant increase in production volume can not be expected. We want to use this period to increase the qualification of not only managers but also assemblers. At the same time, we want to emphasize the training of workers on more modern roof and facade systems. We will place great emphasis on the design and craftsmanship of the details so that the resulting quality of the work is over-standard. We want our company to be ready to offer new high-quality products to its customers after a temporary slowdown in production. We have gone through a great and incredibly interesting journey from a small company to a company that provides comprehensive services in its field and is capable of implementing the most demanding projects.