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Construction work

The strength of our company in the construction sector is innovative solutions, flexibility, reliability, expertise and, last but not least, planning. Planning a Latin plant as a sketch, so designing a project is to plan steps towards a successful goal. Do not let your buildings run through a sequence of random procedures – improvisation, as opposed to planning and creating random steps and procedures. You always have more options.

Our company has developed to the level of a quality and reliable partner in construction. Preparation, planning, execution of construction works in the scope of: construction of industrial halls, industrial and multifunctional buildings, steel structures, carpentry and carpentry, landscaping, construction of access roads and parking areas, complete construction of houses, reconstruction of flats, offices, construction and reconstruction Hotel complexes, insulation, facade insulation, tiling work, plasterboard, painting and interior finishing. Our main principle is the complexity of the offer and the work done. We will provide you with renovations, repairs, revisions, maintenance, projection, engineering, supply of materials and qualified personnel for the realization of your buildings.

Our company has a long-term process of transformation from a small construction company oriented to a competitive player in a medium-sized company. We will undoubtedly make sure we strengthen both business and production management. The ISO management process is one of the goals we want to turn into reality in the near future. And the level of service provided.