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Roof waterproofing

Roofing with stabilized polystyrene EPS, PIR extruded XPS or thermal insulation boards, PPGS concrete.

Mechanically anchored waterproofing stored on the prescribed thermal insulation. Mechanical anchoring of telescopic (direct) systems EJOT, SFS, ETACO, ISOTAK. Heat insulation based on asphalt modified bands SBS, alt. APP systems POLYGUM, VEDAG, BAUDER, ELASTEK, MIDA. Systems suitable for direct adjustment or mechanical anchoring.

PVCP systems, as more modern systems, we use PVCP roofing reinforced foil for mechanical anchoring and roofing. RESITRIX, VEDAG, ALKOPRAN, SIKAPLAN, MONARPLAN.

Roof Sandwich Roof Systems KINGSPAN, TRIMO, RUUKKI, BRUCHA

Or folded roof skins composed of:

  • Supporting parapet – trapezi lakoplast (RUUKI, KOVPROF, HOESCH, ROVA)
  • Vapor barrier – bonding foil (JUTAFOL + BUTYLASS)
  • Thermal insulation – mineral wool or polystyrene (NOBASIL, ROCKWOOL, MUREXIN)
  • Geotextile – only for polystyrene insulation (GEOTEX)
  • Mechanical anchoring – sheet-metal foil (EJOT, SFS, ISOTAK)
  • Roofing – asphalt (polygum) or PVC foil (BAUDER Thermofol)

Coated roofs: They usually use PVC foil and river-washed gravel without dust fractions. The load of 80 kg / m2 with gravel is protected from UV radiation and mechanical damage instead of mechanical anchoring.