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Service and repository of roofs

In recent years, the issue of quality maintenance and regular service of flat roofs has become more and more frequent. Over the past period, however, we can say that few companies are dealing with this issue today. The quality of the material as well as the associated flat roof guarantee is certainly much higher than we used to be in the past, but good quality service and regular maintenance brings long-term customer satisfaction for the means spent, whether for renovation, repair or new flat roof On your property. Therefore, we have decided, after over 20 years of experience in the supply and implementation of flat roofs, to create a team of professional, qualified and trained staff involved in consulting, service and maintenance. Our subsidiary SMART SERVIS, s.r.o., is responsible for the service and roofing of the roofs, for which it is our priority to provide the best services in this field. After the survey, we will document the condition of your flat roof, if necessary, we will suggest an optimal service solution and, after mutual agreement, we will be able to remove any defects and shortcomings under the most advantageous conditions on the market. Our priority is your satisfaction and the feeling of certainty that your property is protected by a high-quality and reliable roof.

SMART SERVIS is a member of the CDI Group. With their experience, realizations and business experience so far, they have been active in the construction and commercial sectors for many years, complementing each other and creating very good conditions for quality and long-term development for the future

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  • We will look and examine your roof
  • We document its technical state
  • We will prepare a proposal for your solution
  • We provide qualified consulting, service and maintenance services
  • We will arrange a regular check and service for the future