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Sheathing of buildings

Composite jackets (RUUKKI, KOVPROF, HOESCH, ROVA) steel systems mounted between themselves and on the building skeleton by interrupting thermal bridges through a sealing microprojection system. The cassettes are filled with thermal insulation – mineral wool. Thicknesses – cassette dimensions 100-2200 mm for the required thermal resistance and static options. In the opposite direction, a trapezoid or sinusoidal lamoplastic sheet is deposited as an outer façade. The corners and ends are lined with lakoplastove fittings.

Sandwich coats (KINGSPAN, RUUKKI, TRIMO, BRUCHA) are factory-made panels also with surface lamellar plates. Panel thicknesses are typically 60-150 mm, depending on the required thermal resistance or static options (skeleton). Thermal insulation of sandwich panels uses mineral wadding or polystyrene. The corners and ends are lined with laminated sheet metal.

Facade tiles have an aesthetic or aesthetic energy value, i.e., To improve the look and even the SPDI leveling mechanical support rack mounted on the original building where the thermal insulation from / without mineral wool is installed. The lamellable trapezoidal or sinusoidal sheets, sheet metal plates or the like are mounted on the prepared substrate. panels. Finishing and finishing are assembled from laminated sheets. RUUKKI, HOESCH, KOVPROF, DEKMETAL, TRESPA, ETERNIT, CETRIS.